Thursday, May 20, 2010

~~ me.. him.. her... together forever... :)

Love these piccas...

To be apart of a family like mine
is so divine
where love is shown
hurt is shared
our love for each other is never impaired

we talk
we laugh
we cry

but we are a family
and we do it all together
for as a family
we do it all as one

you hurt one
you hurt all
and as a family unit
we will all stand tall

for we are family
a family full of strength
a family full of love
a family no one can touch
that is why I love my family so much...



  1. kat De One Studio.. Sri hartamas :)

  2. akak..
    pic ni ambik kat mna
    comey sangat
    fatin suka yang anak akak
    pakai bajuw macm rama2
    princess 2
    comey sgt
    yang lain pun comey
    ambik pic kat na ni akak


xkan baca je..mai la komen :)

Cari.. Cari... Cari......