Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~~ KedaiGambarKami-Aivee Emart Best Photo Contest ~~

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Yeay! it's time for another exciting contest by KedaiGambarkami & Aivee Emart!

Just apply the contest rules as below and you're off for winning great prizes from them!!

Ini dier Contest rulesnye... (baca bebaik ye!!):

1.Add KedaiGambarKami and Aivee Emart in your blog list. (DONE)

2.Add both of our blogshop banner with link in your entry and your blog side bar. (DONE)

3.Create a special entry titled KedaiGambarKami-Aivee Emart Best Photo Contest.Put the contest banner above in your entry and your side bar. (DONE)

4.Upload only one(1) best family photo to your entry.Describe the situation of the uploaded photo.Photos taken by professional photographers are not acceptable will be automatically rejected because we want to give fair chances to all participants.There are no limits of age for people inside the photo. (DONE)

5.Browse over KedaiGambarKami and AiVee Emart and describe us in your entry.(product,price, blog layout, delivery services, etc.

6.Leave a comment with ur entry link here(only participant with valid entry link are accepted) and state which state you are now.Only participants from Johor will be entitled to win the grand prize. (huhu..sedihnye sebab dok kat selangor.... :D ) anyway (DONE)

7.We count for the most creative photo and entry .Top 5 will be announced shortly after the contest ended on 19th March 2010 . The winners will be announced few days after that. (X SABO!)

Come join the contest and grab that prize!! (DONE.. grab the prize the UNDONE.. hehe)

Hadiah..hadiah..hadiaaaahhhh!!!! besh! besh! :

1st - 3rd place
KedaiGambarKami e-voucher worth RM10
Aivee emart e-voucher RM5
Special editionKey chain: AiVeeEmart

1st prize
Infantino Jittery Jungle Fox from AiVee Emart
KedaiGambarKami e-voucher worth RM20

Grand Prize
1 hour outdoor photography session with KedaiGambarKami (Term and condition applied)
Unlimited shots , photos in CD

That's 6 amazing prizes to be won! (NAK SATU BULEH?....)

* Aivee Emart e-vouchers are applicable for item priced RM30 onwards.
*KedaiGambarKami e-vouchers are applicable for product/package priced RM100 onward.

Kedai Gambar Kami :
mmm.. mama suke package photobook dier.... nanti nak kumpul gambo n try package yg ade :) x sabo nih..gambo beseday assyura berlambak nak kena print!! hihi.. :D

Aivee Emart :
"Cinta pandang Pertama"... mamaeja suke sangat produk2 yg dijual.... nak belilah nanti... haaa...kat bwh ni, gamba2 produk yg comes in my mind n my budget.... yeah!!

dan inilah die pic yg mamaeja pertaruhkan.... :)

P/S : Gamba ni amek masa hari raye tahun lepas (2009)... masa ni our little angel assyura is about 8months old... n theme masa tu merah (except for married couple)... tgk la , bukan setakat baju... abes dgn umah2 pun jadi merah... hehehe :) suke sangat pic nih... sebab terserlah kemesraan antara adik beradik n ipar (i le tu).. simply natural, semua posing besh2 especially that adorable little girl yg terpinga2 tgk mama+ayah+makcik pakcik dier yg posing ntah ape2! notti but nice pic! :D

amacam?.. ok x? :D

apa lagi kawan2... especially the johorean...come, lets join the contest!!!!


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Cari.. Cari... Cari......